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Million Dollar Dentistry

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More money. More freedom. More time. And much less stress at work…and at home.

You’re already a great dentist. To have a great practice, you must build it – and it is possible once you focus on these three things:

  1. Mindset and your Healthy Deserve Level (HDL) are what you believe you deserve…
  2. Revenue Engine – money is a by-product of your decisions and actions:
    • Maximize practice cashflow
    • Find hidden revenue sources
    • Increase production with your team
  3. Leadership – developing your team and creating “ideal” patients for your practice

Fact: Dentistry is changing… No more drilling, billing, and filling.

In these 12 episodes, the roadmap to a new approach of thinking about and practicing dentistry will be provided…along with the tools and resources you’ll need to navigate to success.
Based off the bestselling book now in its 7th edition, you are invited to experience Million Dollar Dentistry with author Gary Kadi and Steve Parker – Editor of The Profitable Dentist Magazine.

The Practice Management Masterclass Series proven to help take highly successful dental practices to the next level – the Million Dollar level.


Gary Kadi, CEO & Founder, NextLevel Practice,

with more than 20 years of experience working to empower dentists, NextLevel Practice’s founder and CEO, Gary Kadi, understands the challenges that dentists face trying to grow their practices.

That’s why Gary created NextLevel Practice and the Complete Health Dentistry model–to give dentists the tools they need to retain patients, skyrocket case acceptance, and become more profitable than ever before.

With the right systems and practices, dentists can expand their reach–hiring associates, updating equipment and facilities, acquiring additional locations, and implementing the latest in dental technology. Even better, they can lead the dental field, becoming the most sought after, referred to, and respected doctors in their area.

President/CEO of The Profitable Dentist, LLC and Editor-In-Chief of The Profitable Dentist Magazine,

where he brings a renewed energy to continuing the work of founder, Dr. Woody Oakes. Under his leadership, The Profitable Dentist has grown to be dentistry’s most read periodical, by delivering the relevant, high-value content successful practice owners demand.

Building on Woody’s vision, Parker has dramatically expanded the TPD Network of resources that allows practice owners, industry experts and key opinion leaders to share their ideas, experiences and best practices with each other.

Steve speaks internationally and contributes to industry journals on topics including the state of the dental industry, developing a practice owner mindset, leadership and strategy, and emerging trends in practice ownership.

On-Demand Webinar Library

Episode 1:
A Day in the Life of Larry Laserguy, D.D.S.

Learn how to navigate toward a healthier practice, and a happier you with a few simples steps.

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Episode 3:
CPR: Cash in Your Pocket Right Now

Find the right mindset about money – both in your practice and personally.

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Episode 5:
Why Your Team Hates You

Team dynamics: Approaching your team proactively and reactively can change the dynamics of your practice.

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Episode 7:
Turn Your Payroll into a Profit Center

Get down and dirty about payroll and why highly successful practice owners see payroll as an investment – not an expense.

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Episode 9:
Getting Off the new Patient Treadmill

Learn how to break free from the blind spots in your practice by using Gary’s 11-step protocol for finding and keeping the right patients.

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BONUS Episode 1:
Find the Money, Get the Money, Keep the Money

Are there leaks in the cash flow pipeline through your practice? Let’s examine your current cash flow.

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Episode 2:
The Life You’re Entitled to Lead

Learn the 18 components of a successful practice and help you think about how to design and build your own ideal business!

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Episode 4:
What You Really Should be Doing with Your Dental Hygienist

Learn how to make your dental hygienist the catalyst of a perpetual motion dental practice money machine.

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Episode 6:
There’s a Fortune in Your Storage Closet

Treatment Planning: IT shouldn’t make you and your team uneasy…it’s necessary – and critical to the success of your business.

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Episode 8:
When Your Patients Try Your Patience

Learn the “PAINTER” approach – a practice owner empowerment tool that helps you define the Ideal Patient for YOUR PRACTICE.

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Episode 10:
Attaining the Next Level in Your Practice

Get a summary of the first nine sessions and bring a clear vision forward of how to take your practice to the next level.

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BONUS Episode 2:
The 3 Places Money is Hiding in Your Practice

The cost impact to you if you’re not aware and don’t know where to look. Get access to the tools and resources to find it, get it and keep it.

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