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Know Your Practice’s Real Value

Discover what your practice is worth now…and how to increase it.
Enter DSO negotiations on a level playing field
Understand your practice’s growth potential
Don’t leave money on the table

Power Lies in Knowing Your Practice’s Value

You’ve worked hard to build your practice into your largest personal asset--the last thing you’d want is to sell it for less than it’s worth. But just how much IS is worth? There’s more to that number than you may think. We’ll help you get a clear picture of not just what your practice is worth today, but what you can do to increase that value and exponentially boost your selling power.

The Calculation of a Lifetime

Your practice’s value could be the difference between financial freedom and a delayed retirement. We’ll help you get the numbers and advice you need to come out on top.


What is your practice worth today? Using your practice’s numbers, we’ll determine your practice’s value in today’s market.


Buyers don’t just look at today’s value–they want to know how it can grow. That’s why we’ll also calculate your revenue potential.


Whether you want to leverage your potential for a better offer or grow your practice yourself to achieve higher multiples when you sell, we’ll show you how.

What’s included in the NextLevel Valuation

    Using your EBITDA and other calculations, we’ll give you a concrete appraisal of the practice’s monetary worth.
    Looking at your patient base and current capacity, we’ll tell you how much the practice could be worth.
    We’ll give you clear, actionable steps to help increase your capacity and skyrocket your growth.
    Review our findings and talk about next steps in a private session with NextLevel founder Gary Kadi.

Stay Up-To-Date

You don’t just need a practice valuation when you’re thinking of selling. Most experts suggest getting a practice valuation annually to keep your goals in line with your actual growth.
If you’re…
  • Buying a Dental Practice
  • Hiring Dental Associates
  • Navigating a Merger
  • Taking on a Partner
  • Entering into Litigation
  • Estate Planning
Then you need to know your practice’s value!

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Knowing Is the First Step

Whatever your plans are, we’re here to help.