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Abundents University

Taking the guesswork out of building, growing and maintaining a thriving dental practice.
Solidify your team
Understand your numbers
Learn the Complete Health methodology

The Training Platform That Grows With You

You’re already an expert dentist. Now become an expert practice owner.

Designed to give you the essential business training that dental school forgot to teach you, the interactive Abundents University platform will help you learn, practice, and internalize the skills you need to master the business-side of your practice.

Starting with the 8-week Foundations course that helps you build your basic knowledge about the Complete Health Dentistry model to the Year 1 curriculum and beyond, work through the interactive modules at your own pace, unlocking additional training as you go.

In addition to your training, you’ll also get our powerful practice dashboard to track your most important numbers. And if important issues like embezzlement or lagging team performance arise, it will automatically connect you to courses with the immediate solutions you need.

So Much More Than a Consultant

Training with staying power.

Tired of old-school consultants that breeze through your office, listing off things to improve, and then breezing out again before you could grab a pen?

Abundents University is with you for the long haul.

The problem with consultants is that they spout wisdom for a day or two and then disappear–no ongoing support, permanent materials, no real change.

Abundents University will take you step-by-step through real and lasting change, at your own pace.

Build your foundation, hone your skills, and train your team.

Abundents University makes it possible, sustainable, and fun.

Automate Training For You and Your Team

Ready and waiting…day and night.


  • BITE-SIZED LESSONS: Complete an entire module in one go or work through smaller lessons depending on your availability.
  • VIDEO AND TEXT INSTRUCTION: Choose the learning style that works best for you. Watch your lesson or read through it…or both!
  • REAL-LIFE FEEDBACK: We’ll keep you accountable with coach feedback and instruction on all of your assignments.
  • CUSTOMIZE AND SAVE: Save all of your documents to the platform portfolio for easy access.
  • START ANY TIME: New team members? Get them onboarded and up to speed fast with our tailored training.

What’s Inside Abundents University?

From courses to chats, we’ve got everything you need to take your practice to the next level.

  • On-demand courses: Work at your pace through our fun, easy-easy-to-implement modules.
  • Searchable solutions: Got a problem right now? Search through our database for actionable answers.
  • Vast resources: Our extensive library of e-books, webinars, videos, documents, marketing prompts and more will help you find exactly what you need.
  • Chat with peers: Both doctors and team leaders can access dedicated community chats to connect with peers, ask questions, and find advocates.
  • Live weekly webinars: Participate in our weekly “Get-down” with Gary and the entire NextLevel community.
  • Virtual events: Check our calendar to find upcoming virtual trainings and events.
  • Practice dashboard: Keep a daily eye on your numbers with our powerful dashboard that highlights your most important financial and performance numbers.
  • Customizable: Built with your entire team in mind, each team member gets their own login and access to courses and features just for their position.

Find the Money, Get the Money, Keep the Money GUARANTEE

We believe in what we do and stand by it. We know that our system works because we’ve worked it with thousands of practices for over 20 years. We’re in the business of creating real results, and if you commit to showing up fully and giving us your best – we’re certain it will work. With your 12-month commitment, we’ll guarantee that you’ll not only see a full return on your investment but that you double it or your money back – NO questions.

Peace of Mind GUARANTEE

Just as important as your profitability is your peace of mind. 80% of dentists experience embezzlement at some point in their career, with the average loss being nearly $110,000. If embezzlement is happening in your practice and we don’t alert you to it – we’ll give you a full refund.

Try the Free Course!

Debt-Destruction Masterclass

Transform your finances and get out of debt for good.

Give Abundents University a risk-free try with our course on debt elimination. ($997 value)
  • LEARNING FOR THE ENTIRE TEAM:With a track for dentists and a track for team members, everyone in the office will benefit.
  • HANDS-ON HELP:Get down to the nitty-gritty with modules that tackle the nuts and bolts of the issue–and help you apply it to yourself.
  • SEE FOR YOURSELF: Experience the powerful learning that comes with on-demand courses that go with you anytime, anywhere.

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Find Solutions…Fast

We’ve got your back.

When our powerful dashboard detects issues like…

✓ Performance drops
✓ Embezzlement risk
✓ Case acceptance struggles
✓ Financial plateaus

…it automatically connects you to proven courses that give step-by-step instruction on how to resolve the problem.

Simple as that.

Get Learning. Get Growing.

Abundents University was built to get you the knowledge you need.

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