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NextLevel Practice Announces the Creation of NextLevel Doctors Group DSO

08/17/23 4:50 PM
Ryan Palevsky
DSO, Lifestyle Management

With its partnership in a new DSO, NextLevel shows its commitment to practitioners’ autonomy, strong teams, and patient care. 

New York, NY/August 2nd, 2023/ NextLevel Practice, a dental practice management coaching and consulting company, announced today its participation in the creation of a new DSO group–NextLevel Doctors Group– formed from the Big Six Founders partnership of 8 dental practices nationwide and NextLevel Practice. 

The NextLevel Doctors Group is an example of what NextLevel founder Gary Kadi calls “DSO 3.0.” Instead of a single practice joining a large, pre-existing DSO, a group of practice owners join (or rollup) together to form their own group that they sell to a private equity firm. This way, the group increases in value while still retaining autonomy. Each practitioner in the NextLevel Doctors Group also benefits from NextLevel Practice coaching to enhance practitioner leadership, create team unity, improve profitability, and educate patients on the oral-systemic connection. 

Gary Kadi said, “Though we were initially against DSOs, after working with our consulting clients we began to see the benefits of the DSO evolution. We’re proud to be part of a DSO 3.0 where we can provide essential support to the dentists in a partnership where they retain clinical autonomy, the team gets more than an individual practice can offer, and patients seamlessly continue to enjoy the highest level of care.”   

Working together with NextLevel Practice, the members of the NextLevel Doctors Group will focus on Complete Health Dentistry to raise the standard of care for patients and dental teams while working in a collaborative community.  

In creating the group, Gary Kadi was aware that timing was key. “This is a once-in-an-industry opportunity for practitioners, and there’s only 1-2 years left before the window of opportunity closes.” Luckily, DSO 3.0 is a viable option not just for retiring practice owners who are looking to exit the practice entirely, but also for early and mid-career practitioners who will benefit from wealth creation before traditional retirement age. It also benefits associates working for the practices, as it gives them an opportunity to get out of debt while still developing clinical skills. 

The NextLevel Doctors Group plans to continue expansion. While it expects organic growth as well as annual acquisition revenue, it is most excited to offer dentists the best of both worlds–the financial benefits of a DSO and the culture and autonomy of private practice. As Gary Kadi explained, “What was in the way became the way to solve the downsides of dentistry. Sometimes giving up being right about old beliefs changes the course and trajectory of life and practice.” 


About NextLevel Practice: NextLevel Practice is a dental practice management coaching firm based in New York City. Founded in 2007, they have helped more than 6,000 practices implement a new way to practice dentistry through expert coaching and a proven, unique business model.