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Wish dental school taught you how to run a business?

It's time to up your management game with a proven model that will transform your practice and free you to live the life of a financially-free, independent dentist.

Take Back Your Life

Become the CEO of your practice and find satisfaction at work and home.
    Our business model has helped over 6,000 dentists like you to create profitable practices and balanced lives.
    With the Complete Health Program your patients will take action as they understand the connection between their oral and overall health.
    When running your business stops being a burden, you can spend more time on what you enjoy–family, hobbies, vacations, and more.
“NextLevel Practice’s support helped me select the right practice to purchase, quadruple production in the first year, and build sustainable systems for continuous growth…AND my employees and patients are healthier, better people who say “thank you” every day!”

Nick Ritzema
Complete Health Dentistry of West Michigan

Stop Frustration and Overwhelm In Their Tracks

Here is how we do it

Find the Potential

There is hidden revenue in your practice, and you don’t have to see new patients to find it.

Dig in With a Coach

Our proven strategies will help you implement a simple, predictable business model that takes you to (you guessed it) the next level.

Total Transformation

Revolutionize your practice and your life. You deserve to spend more time with your patients, your family and your hobbies.

“Not only does NextLevel Practice do a fantastic job of transforming your practice, but they are also transforming the practice of dentistry in amazing ways!”

Donna Williams
Morningside Dental Care

As Seen In

andi moore
“NextLevel Practice has systems in place that will rock your dental world. I have not only achieved professional growth and success with their coaching, but also personal growth and success. They are life changers!!!”

Andi Moore
Del Sur Ranch Dental

Manage Like a CEO

At NextLevel Practice we know there’s a lot more to being a successful practice owner than being a good dentist. But what do you do when business-side aspects of your practice like finances or filling empty team positions keeps you from serving the patients you want to help and living your life outside the office?

No wonder you’re frustrated, stressed, and overwhelmed.

We believe it shouldn’t be this hard to be a great dentist and run a profitable practice.

Balancing the business side of dentistry with the clinical side doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s why we created a model that has helped over 6,000 practices just like yours to create profitable practices and balanced lives.

We’ll help you learn how to run the business-side of your practice so you know how to effectively attract patients, increase profits, and even manage your team—including how to recruit, train, hire, and onboard new team members.

It’s time to stop watching life pass you by while you struggle to run your practice. Instead, become the confident, happy, financially-free dentist you always dreamed you’d be.

michelle defelice hucke
“Next Level is more than a consulting experience. It gives you the tools as a business owner to manage like a CEO and gives you the freedom to be the best dentist, spouse, and parent you can be.”

Michelle DeFelice Hucke
Jax Beaches Family Dentistry

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