NextLevel Practice Announces New CEO and Transition to Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP)

12/19/22 3:11 PM
Ryan Palevsky

With the creation of an ESOP, NextLevel shows its commitment to unified, invested teams.


New York, NY/December 20, 2022/ NextLevel Practice, a dental practice management coaching and consulting company, announced today that Kelly Dahmer, Chief Operating Officer, has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of NextLevel Practice. Gary Kadi, NextLevel Practice’s founder and Chief Executive Officer, will transition to the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors. As part of the transition, NextLevel Practice is establishing an ESOP, a plan in which employees become joint owners of the company through gaining company stock.


Ms. Dahmer joined NextLevel Practice in 2014 and was subsequently promoted to Chief Operating Officer where she has guided the company successfully through the pandemic to 3x revenue growth. Ms. Dahmer specializes in decentralizing the doctor in the dental practice, giving them the space and time to live their best lives, while also promoting a culture of unity and cooperation in the office.

“It’s especially fitting that Kelly has accepted the position of CEO as I begin to decentralize my role at NextLevel Practice,” said Mr. Kadi. “Kelly brings expert industry knowledge, a long-standing understanding of NextLevel’s mission, and unbridled enthusiasm for taking NextLevel Practice into the future. Our team, our clients, and dentists across the country are lucky to have her.”


Of the ESOP, Ms. Dahmer said, “Our coaching program for dentists emphasizes that the heart of a successful business is a unified team–one where each team member feels equally seen, heard, and valued. Only when each person feels full ownership of their responsibilities does the team produce quality results. By creating an ESOP here at NextLevel, we’re getting the opportunity to practice what we teach and take our ownership and personal investment into the company to new heights.”

More than 6,500 ESOPs exist in the United States, with more than 10 million employee-owners. When formed, shares of company stock are allocated to all employees, making them joint owners of the company. ESOPs have been found to have many benefits for both the employee-owners and the companies themselves.

These benefits include:

  • Boosted employee engagement
  • Higher earnings and greater savings than non-ESOP employees
  • Greater job stability
  • Increased transparency and financial literacy
  • A thriving company culture
  • The ability to withstand tough economic times
  • Alignment between employee and company goals

Gary Kadi added, “The team at NextLevel Practice is second-to-none. They’re caring and passionate about helping dentists succeed. I can’t wait to see how their passion will continue to grow and develop as an ESOP. The future of NextLevel is in capable, incredible hands.”

About NextLevel Practice: NextLevel Practice is a dental practice management coaching firm based in New York City. Founded in 2005, they have helped more than 6,000 practices implement a new way to practice dentistry through expert coaching and a proven, unique business model.


Ryan Palevsky
NextLevel Practice