NextLevel Alumni working in alumni program.

NextLevel Alumni Insight and Benefits

12/22/21 6:10 PM
Ryan Palevsky
Dental Practice Management

You don’t have to say goodbye to all the growth, training, and team building

I’m not gonna lie: I miss the practice leaders who work on their NextLevel programs with me. We often get close while we’re quite literally changing their lives. Not surprisingly, many clients ask me how they can keep getting the invaluable help that we gave them in their formal program after they graduate. They don’t want to let us go, either.

The NextLevel Alumni program is the answer.

Once you have everything you need to scale your business, unify your team, and give you the space to get back to your life, you can’t rest on your laurels.

You will always need to improve. You will always need to grow. And when team turnover hits, you will need to make sure your new hires are on the same page with your high-performing teams.

All of our NextLevel alumni have told me they attained fantastic results with our Leading Dentist programs. Yet the coaching and training eventually comes to an end. So what options are there when team turnover happens, or you onboard a new associate—and they just weren’t on board when the practice was going through its NextLevel program?

Stick with the Silver Package and save 50%

Schedule a free recharge, recare visit with coach or Gary and see how it works. When life happens, you don’t have to give up your growth, change and your newfound sense of satisfaction at work just because you graduated.

Keep your full-service business thriving and robust. Continue to make a lasting difference in the lives of your patients. Join our alumni team and never say goodbye to profitable change and support for all you dreamed that your practice can be.

Tell a friend

We get so much business from dentists who have been through our programs. They’ll call up school pals and other fellow dentists and rave about their new life—a life where they can actually spend time with family and friends and trust their teams to perform to a set of standards. These leaders are so excited to create a better life for each patient and get employees on a bonus structure they love. If you feel the same, we want to let you know: You can get so much by referring even one friend to us.

NextLevel Ambassadors (you become one just by referring one new client to us—even if they don’t sign up)

  • Increase their influence
    • When you share your NextLevel experience with other dentists, you extend your influence beyond the boundaries of your personal practice.
  • Serve as an example
    • You are a beacon of hope! When other dentists see and hear your story, you give them the chance to believe in themselves and take charge of their destiny.
  • Revolutionize Whole Body Health in their community
    • Together with our partners, you can help us meet our goal to get 1 billion people healthier by 2030.

If your friend becomes a member of our Complete Health community you get a $10,000 credit toward a future purchase at NextLevel.

You can also earn a free NextLevel site visit, cash rewards, and more. Ambassadors earn status that earns them free access and airfare to NextLevel Practice events, for them, their spouse, or their entire team. Schedule a call and get started with our alumni/ambassador programs today. Our clients tell me they’re so glad they did. And happy holiday season, all. See you in 2022!