Dental practice with financial freedom and balanced life

Financial Freedom-Join the NextLevel Practice Family for a Balanced Life

05/5/22 11:55 AM
Ryan Palevsky
Dental Industry Regulations, Dental Practice Management

You’re going to love creating a profitable practice with financial freedom and a balanced life.

When I join things, I often think, is this worth my time?

Are these people the ones who will lift me up? Let’s face it, with only so many hours in each day, creating as much value as possible in the time we have can make the difference between barely surviving and truly thriving.

That’s why we strive at NextLevel to not only offer industry-leading coaching and education but also to build a community of like-minded dentists and dental professionals who support and cheer for each other. We help you earn more money, get out of debt, and unify your team, but we also want you to live your best life.

When you join the NextLevel family, it will allow you to:

  • Have control over your schedule and life. With confidence that your team can run the office even when you’re away, you’ll open up your time to pursue what makes you happy–your family, friends, hobbies, even vacations!
  • Grow and support your community. Using the Complete Health Dentistry business model, you can take your stalled practice from stagnant to growing in a way that aligns with your values and helps your patients achieve true health.
  • Build the practice you were meant to lead. Under your leadership, your patients and team will enjoy a calm and thriving office. Each person will understand and bemotivated to not just their own goals, but the team goals as well.

Let’s take a look at your options for joining and you can decide what you want to do first.

I have been doing this a long time and I know, as Lao Tzu famously said, “The thousand-mile journey starts with a single step.” Which one will be yours?

  • Register for our newsletter: You will receive training programs, event invites, podcast links, and webinar information to spur you to change what needs changing to achieve the life you’ve been dreaming of. This simple step, taken once a week, will give you a well-rounded taste for what we do and mean to our Next Level family. But be warned: You’ll most likely become hungry for more.
  • Watch a podcast: Million Dollar Dentistry-the Podcast is a discussion with Gary Kadi about his proven methodology and how he transforms not just the dental practices he works with but the lives of the dentists and members of their teams. Gary discusses not only the proven methodology from his popular book, but current trends, events, and issues that arise in running a successful practice. Along for the ride, Amber Keithley keeps Gary on track to share his years of knowledge and wisdom. Understand that these 20-35 minutes can quite literally change your life.
  • Join a Webinar: Many of our friends and colleagues point to one or more of these webinars as the thing that made them finally decide to make an investment in their own future and happiness and become a Launch Program or Leading Dentist Program member. From finding out why your most overlooked team members are often your most valuable to a masterclass in finding the money that is hiding in your practice, these succinct but in-depth sessions get our dental practice leaders excited about looking at their challenges and truly solving them, finally, once and for all.
  • Launch Program and Leading Dentist Program: Here at NextLevel, our job is to keep dentists focused on what’s important to them, their teams, and their patients. This includes everything from hiring to case acceptance, to bonus structures, to the complete health message, and more. We teach you simple steps that are not only proven but 100% guaranteed. An investment in one of these programs will yield enormous rewards in your life, in your family’s life, and in your ability to run a high-performing team that creates abundance and better health for everyone in your path.

See what it means to be a part of the Next Level family. Schedule a call today.