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The tools you need to create
a world-class dental practice

NextLevel Practice’s Leading Dentist in Complete Health Program has everything you need to grow your practice
and make a real difference.
Work Smarter, Not Harder
Find Work-Life Balance
Successfully Scale Your Practice

Find Balance with the Right Business Model

Tired of long hours, low profits, and missing out on your life?

The Leading Dentist in Complete Health has everything you need to scale your business, unify your team, and give you the space to get back to your life.

This step-by-step coaching program will systematically train you in everything from business structure to team development, taking your practice from simply providing dental services to a full service business that makes a lasting difference in the lives of your patients.

See how Drs. A.J. Giesa & Lisa Ciabattoni built the practice of their dreams…and regained time with their family…with the help of NextLevel Practice.

“Nextlevel Practice has definitely lived up to its name for our dental practice—bringing it up to THE NEXT LEVEL in setting us apart from mediocrity and assisting us in our goal of achieving the height of quality whole health practice!”

Darla Stoehr Schultz
Jax Beaches Family Dentistry, Neptune Beach, FL

Everything you need to jumpstart your practice
and get back your life

  • A fresh business model
    Retain current patients and build your practice by educating patients about the connection between oral health and overall wellness.
  • Extensive training
    Our virtual and live trainings and events for you and your team will build unity, cohesion, and a group mindset.
  • 1:1 coaching and support
    You and your team will work with an expert coach who will be there to support you at every step.
  • On-demand education
    Our video classes for you and your team are accessible any time, giving you opportunities to watch and rewatch on your schedule.
  • Advanced tech
    Track your practice’s profits, analyze case acceptance rates, and streamline your systems with our powerful practice dashboard.
“Our case acceptance has increased greatly because we have the tools to educate our patients such as the Healthy Mouth Baseline. The methodology has helped patients understand why it’s so important.”

Trudy Risner RDH
Upper Arlington, OH

Why Complete Health Dentistry®?

Do you struggle with low case acceptance? You’re not alone.

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Most patients don’t realize that oral health is directly connected to overall physical health. Leading medical experts have found that chronic illnesses like obesity, diabetes, and heart disease BEGIN in the mouth.

By educating patients on the preventative power of oral health, patients become more committed and involved in their dental care.

The Complete Health Dentistry® curriculum is key to retaining patients, improving case acceptance, and making a real difference in their health for a lifetime.

“The first time I met Gary Kadi a switch happened in my brain that said I want to set out to impact the health of my patients and be much more preventative–not just with their oral care, but with their complete health. It was my lightbulb moment.”

Daniel Pizzi
A Reason to Smile Dentistry, East Windsor, NJ

It’s time to level up

Do any of these situations sound like you?

  • Your revenues are flatlining…or even dropping
  • You have a revolving door of team
  • Your case acceptance is low
  • You’re constantly looking for new patients
  • You feel overwhelmed running the business side of the practice
  • You feel like you’re the only person keeping the practice afloat
  • You haven’t taken a vacation in years
  • You’re work long hours but aren’t making enough
  • You miss your life outside the office

If you answered yes…
NextLevel Practice can help!

Your thriving practice is closer than you think.

Just Imagine…

  • Feeling excited to be in the office because you LOVE what you do
  • Following a simple plan that takes you from education to implementation to success
  • Leading a unified team that’s responsible, motivated, and transparent
  • Celebrating your patients’ success as they learn about the importance of their oral health
  • Enjoying free time with your friends and family
  • Paying off debts, hiring new associates, and opening new branches because of your overwhelming success

Wondering how?

The Leading Dentist in Complete Health Program has everything you need.

“We were good, but we weren’t great. Our success was all on my shoulders and I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to do this alone for 20 years. After working with NextLevel, our team stopped “going to work” and they started coming to the office together as a team. It was no longer just me coming in and doing dentistry. It became a true ‘us’.”

Dr. Mike Fair
Arlington Dental Group, Upper Arlington, OH

Unify Your DSO

Make managing multiple offices/locations a snap.

Struggling to keep your locations on the same page? Our special Enterprise package was built especially for you. We’ll give you the coaching and support you need to keep every team member at every office working together toward a common goal.

We’ll help you:

  • Streamline your tracking
  • Understand your numbers as a whole and by location
  • Stay profitable
  • Make implementation across the DSO simple and easy
  • Create consistent training and results

Take the struggle out of management and create a Dental Support Organization that is strong, healthy, and self-sustaining.

What’s included in Leading Dentist in Complete Health

NextLevel education icon-only


No matter where you are in the Complete Health journey, you’ll find on-demand courses, team development programs, and live virtual sessions to support your learning.

  • COURSES: From our initial Foundations course for your first 8 weeks, to the advanced CEO Track and Management 2.0, these on-demand courses will take you step-by-step through learning about and implementing the Complete Health model.
  • MANAGEMENT COACHING: These sessions help your designated Team Leader become a powerful source of support for the Dr/CEO and an advocate to the team for delivering Complete Health.
  • TEAM DEVELOPMENT: Get everyone working together with our Dream Program–a project that celebrates individuals and rewards high-performing teams.
  • LIVE VIRTUAL SESSIONS: These monthly sessions led by NextLevel Coaches encourage peer-to-peer learning and development. They include a 30 minute deep dive session followed by a recommended 30 minute team/leadership discussion on tactics and to create agreements.

BONUS: Want to learn even more? No problem! Our Curriculum Library will help you dig deeper into your learning journey with additional courses and topics so you can expand team training and your personal development.

NextLevel software icon-only


Our powerful dashboard will help you learn, analyze and stay accountable as you dive into the Complete Health curriculum.

  • LEARN: With a complete operations manual, on-demand training videos, and assessments, you’ll get the training you need in our proven business model
  • ANALYZE: discover key performance indicators for your practice with our behavior dashboard, and get expert feedback on your skills demonstrations.
  • STAY ACCOUNTABLE: Get the answers you need through our chat and forum.

BONUS: How’s your marketing plan? Old, outdated, or nonexistent? Our My Patient Care System will help you create a customized & automated annual marketing plan for your dental practice…in less than 60 minutes!

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We love to inspire you and your team! That’s why (when it is safe to do so) we hold events for the entire NextLevel community to come together and learn.

  • VIRTUAL EVENTS: The all-day, online Virtual Immersion Days are led by an expert NextLevel Coach to provide you and your team with advanced lessons and training.
  • IN-PERSON TEAM EVENTS: Our semi-annual 2-day Community Summit Course inspires and educates your entire team and the 2-day Proactive Practice Course teaches doctors, spouses and team leaders fundamentals in leadership.

BONUS: We understand that your time is valuable! All of our community events offer continuing education credits!

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Your NextLevel experience wouldn’t be complete without working with one of our expert coaches. Our coaches will help you, your team leader, and your entire team succeed.

  • LEADERSHIP COACHING: These one-on-one coaching sessions will take you on a deep dive that only private coaching can provide.
  • MANAGEMENT COACHING: These sessions help your designated Team Leader become a powerful source of support for the Dr/CEO and an advocate to the team for delivering Complete Health.
  • TEAM COACHING: These team sessions will help everyone in their journey of implementing Complete Health and overcoming barriers.

BONUS: We understand that you have questions and concerns that will come up outside of our coaching sessions and virtual classes. That’s why we offer On-Demand Coach Accountability with on-call live support.

A Message from Gary Kadi, founder and CEO of NextLevel Practice


Do you ever sit at your desk, look through the numbers, the scheduling, the complaints from office team members or patients, and think, “This is not what I signed up for.”?

You spent four years in dental school learning how to resolve issues with patients’ oral health. What they didn’t teach you, though, is just how difficult running a business can be.

And no one mentioned how all-consuming, how frustrating and defeating it can feel.

You got into this line of work to help people, to live a lifestyle that you and your family could enjoy together, but instead you’re working late every night, missing out on life, and stuck in an endless cycle of too much work with not enough profit to show for it.

That’s why I founded NextLevel Practice. To help dentists like you take control of your business so you can stop being too busy to live.

When you work with NextLevel Practice, you’ll get a proven business model and compassionate, knowledgeable coaches who will help you:

    • Define your goals. Every practice is unique. We’ll help you clarify your goals and get the motivation you need to meet them.
    • Understand your practice. We’ll give you a snapshot of exactly where your practice is now and find opportunities for growth.
    • Strengthen your team. Your practice isn’t just you. We’ll help you strengthen your leadership, inspire your team, and train your office manager to be your onsite practice consultant.
    • Make a plan. We’ll help you make a clear strategy with real actions and checkpoints to make your goals reality.

With a plan in place and a partner to help facilitate the entire process, you’ll find the freedom to do what you’ve wanted all along—help your patients and still have time to live your life.

Imagine how good it will feel to be confident in your practice, it’s ability to flourish financially, and to make a real difference in your patients’ lives. What’s more, when questions or hurdles come up, your coaches will always be there with answers and strategies to keep the ball rolling.

You deserve to spend more time doing what you love. Let’s get started today.