Dump your PPOs

Dump Your PPOs

04/2/21 6:28 PM
Ryan Palevsky
Dental Advice, Dental Practice Management

Restore cash flow, quality service, and your dignity.

Is it time to stop being taken advantage of by PPOs and insurance companies? The answer is yes. You’re a great clinician and you deserve better but dumping your PPO can be very complex unless you have a proven strategy. Get off the drill, bill and fill PPO mill by using a simple, automated membership based program.

Three-step strategy

During a recent webinar, NextLevel Practice President and CEO Gary Kadi along with Justin and Jordan Comstock, CEOs from BoomCloud, outlined a three-step strategy for success:

  • Plug in the membership plan- an “Amazon Prime” model with benefits and significant discounts that can increase profits 20-50 percent
  • Implement the care system – allows you to streamline office visits and spend more time with patients, less on admin
  • Continue to have relationships with your PPOs and don’t end relationships all at once: But once membership rolls are fully monetized, Kadi and the Comstocks agree—it’s time to dump those PPOs!

Free up cash

As it stands, PPOs tend to have too much control over your cash flow. When practice owners must sacrifice quality of life and quality of service for insurance carriers, they’re not getting their full worth—and neither are patients. 

As you build your patient membership rolls, patients receive your expert clinical care and you get the renumeration you deserve. 

What you—and your patients—get back

Educating patients about the benefit of membership and providing education on complete health helps you: 

  • Increase patient loyalty—once they experience membership benefits they will build a stronger relationship with you and your team, especially when experiencing whole-person healthcare discussions based on their oral health. By educating patients on the preventative power of oral health, patients become more committed and involved in their dental care.
  • Lock in recurring revenue—monthly and yearly payments from your members allow you to stop sweating cash flow and provide peace of mind. 

Practices become valued higher and are easier to manage. A software program manages it all—easily.

  • Increase case acceptance by 5x—the case acceptance rates among practices who rely on PPOs can be abysmal.  It’s difficult to present the best treatment options when patients are more concerned with what their coverage may be. 

Oral health is the foundation of your patients’ overall health. Using NextLevel’s Complete Health™ Curriculum will help your patients understand that treatments will help them return to health for their entire body–not just their mouth. 

Only about 60% of patients accept their full treatment plan. (Dental Economics, Levin Group, 2020) Building on this number can provide more revenue as well as allow patients to receive the treatment they deserve rather than the treatment that is covered.

  • Increase new patients from the 50% of the population that does not have dental insurance—the competition for new patients is fierce. Instituting a membership plan will help you retain patients and impress those who are new by letting them know you are concerned with their health, not fixated on how good their insurance plan may be. These patients tend to spend more, too.
  • Restore your dignity and get paid your full worth—you can save thousands of dollars and uncounted headaches when you dump PPOs. 

You’re an excellent clinician and want the best for your patients as well as for you and your family. Membership programs allow you to recoup your energy expenditure and build a more satisfying practice day for you and your teams.  Patients who are members report higher satisfaction and you can relax and do your job without the stress of dealing with PPOs. You can dictate the terms of your program and tailor member benefits to your specifications.

Schedule a consultation to learn how we help practices safely and profitably dump their PPOs. Watch the webinar here to learn more.