Free Daily Morning Huddle Motivator

FREE Morning Huddle Motivator

Start your morning off powerfully, intentionally, and positively with everyone on the same page for the health and success of your patients!

A note from Gary Kadi:

Morning huddles are the keystone of a successful new model practice. Old model practices see morning huddles as monotonous and an intrusion on their day (and their sleep). New model team members understand that investing 15 minutes in discussing key business indicators is the difference between an unproductive, uneventful day and a fired-up, teeth–bumpin, fulfilling day where everyone goes home winning—the patient, the team and the doctor.

I invite you sign up to receive our Morning Huddle Motivator which is a daily dose of motivation emailed to you every morning. At the conclusion of your “morning huddle” you can read the motivational quote to refresh your teams commitment to providing the best possible care.

To Your Success,

Gary Kadi

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