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The Proven Plan Trusted by 6,000+ Dentists for Launching Your Dental Practice to Five-Star Status Without Destroying Your Health, Ethics or Sanity

Building a thriving dental practice doesn’t happen by chance. It takes intentional steps, leaning into expert insight, and removing the guesswork from your day-to-day operations.

The problem is so many dental practices don’t know what actually works. Their practice’s trajectory is plateaued, but they don’t know why.

It takes its toll on their personal life. More stress and longer hours lead to uncomfortable conversations, missing meals together, losing relationships, and worse.

“I’ll never have a great practice AND a great life. That’s just what it’s like being a dentist – I have no time and no life…”

Sound familiar? That’s the reality plaguing so many dentists. They see problems, areas that they know aren’t working right. Patient care is declining. Case acceptance is underwhelming. Yelp, Google, and other online reviews are slipping from five stars to four, three, two, one… 

That’s where our NextLevel Launch Program is built with you in mind.

The NextLevel Launch Program Can Elevate Your Practice and Life to Thrive, Not Just Survive

Our NextLevel Launch Program is a powerful step-by-step plan showing you exactly how you can take your practice and life to the next level. We deliver a concrete written plan. It will inspire your team to provide outstanding patient care, increase productivity, and optimize profitability in your practice.

Best of all, you can do all of this while racking up five-star Yelp and Google reviews and building your practice.

And all while making your personal life far less stressful and far more enjoyable. 

What if your practice is doing well right now?  If so, that’s great to hear – congratulations! We built the Launch Program to take even good practices to true greatness.

Unless something changes, your practice will never reach the next level.

We know the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again in your practice hoping, fingers crossed, that you’ll somehow break through to the next level.

It doesn’t happen. That’s insanity to expect better results if you’re not changing your approach. You need a kickstart, a supercharge of momentum to break out of the same old-same old status quo and reach the next level with your practice – and your life!

What You Can Expect In Our NextLevel Launch Program?

The Launch Program is a one-month coaching program featuring three one-hour sessions with a NextLevel expert coach.

SESSION 1: Launchpad

During the first session, you and your coach will define your goals. Some doctors want to increase their salary, some want more time with family and some desire to build a practice so it can sell for top dollar. Other doctors might want to buy a second, or third, or fifth practice while some want to hire a rock star associate. We help you clarify what you truly want. For many doctors, this clear definition of goals is a huge stress reducer and motivator.

SESSION 2: Trajectory

During the second session, we take a ‘snapshot’ of your practice and create a clear picture of your current capacity, your culture, and your patients which clarifies your areas of opportunity. We will provide you with a snapshot of your key performance indicators and educate you on national benchmarks. We will raise your awareness of the things you may have forgotten and to the blind spots in your practice. This opens up your practice to new approaches and possibilities to achieve your desired outcomes.

SESSION 3: Launch Plan

During this last session, we will develop a clear plan for taking your practice from where it is to where you want it to be. We will define practical, clear, and actionable steps to achieve your goals in all areas of your business. These include patient care, team performance, and profitability.

And then… you get to push the Big Red Button.

What Will It Take You to Launch?

There are two launch options. We offer the Launch program to your practice as a private launch for $2,995 or as part of a group launch for $995. No matter which option you choose, we will go through the same process and get you the same incredible results regardless of private launch or with a group. The only advantage of a private launch is more time for your specific concerns.

If you’re not happy with the process or results from the Launch program, you can cancel for a full refund. No questions asked, really. We will respect and support your decision. The risk is where it should be — on us — because we are the experts and you are asking us to help move you forward.

Our commitment is to provide a powerful launch to help you achieve the results you need. This is your chance – let’s launch your practice to the next level.


The next available Group Launch Program date is Feb 11th. We only have a few spots left for March, so register soon!

Skeptics – This Part Is for You

If you’re not happy with our process or the results, you can cancel at any time for a full refund.
Join us and, together, let’s launch your practice and life to the next level!


The next available Group Launch Program dates is Feb 11th.
We only have a few spots left for March, so register soon!