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The Leading Denists in Complete Health Program offers four program levels (Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Enterprise) tailored to fit different kinds of Practices.

Each Program offers progressively more customized levels of support and access to our in-house experts. Compare the details below to determine what’s best for you.

As always feel free to schedule a consultation if you would like help choosing. We look forward to welcoming you to the community.

Operations Manual

Operations Manual: Practical guide to standardize, scale and increase the value of your practice using template systems.  Show Less

System Accountability

System Accountability: Hold yourself accountable and get the answers you need through our chat and forum. When you enter your goal into the dashboard, you will be able to see how close you are to hitting it. When you have areas trending in an unfavorable direction, resources and help are on the way to keep you accountable and on pace. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Use the chat feature to ask for help. Our chat feature is available during business hours. With software compatibility.  Show Less

Engaged Learning Lab

Engaged Learning Lab: Access our on-demand team training videos and competence assessments to set team members up for success!  Show Less

Behavior Dashboard

Behavior Dashboard: Discover the key performance indicators for your practice plugged into your software real-time data to any device- no more pulling reports. With software compatibility.  Show Less

Rockstar Rehearsal

Rockstar Rehearsal: Learn and practice the essential skills to safely practice and demonstrate what the Complete Health Practice system is teaching you. Utilize this safe space to receive and apply expert feedback so you can reach your Rockstar potential!  Show Less

My Patient Care System

My Patient Care System: Create a customized & automated annual marketing plan for your dental practice in less than 60 minutes.   Show Less

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Foundations: In this 8-week business building phase, you will learn and implement the Complete Health business model into your practice. This course includes coaching and support. It’s the fast track and a MUST to get all the business fundamentals solid before implementing case acceptance, retention and experience of new patient training. Doctor and Team Leader will attend.   Show Less

Curriculum Library

Curriculum Library: Discover current courses and most up-to-date topics to expand team training and individual development.   Show Less

Virtual Trainings

Virtual Trainings: Our live, monthly Virtual Classrooms that are facilitated by a NextLevel Coach and consists of peer-to-peer learning and development. They include a 30 minute deep dive session followed by a recommended 30 minute team/leadership discussion on tactics and to create agreements. After your Virtual Classroom completes, you will report back to your coach on the who, what and when for tasks to be completed. Each virtual class includes topics that are relevant by position. Feedback and direction will be offered in these classrooms as well.   Show Less

Access to Recordings
The Get-Down

The Get-Down: Our live, weekly Virtual Classroom that is facilitated by a former NextLevel Coach. This class is for any and all team members to discuss and receive actionable instruction on implementing the Complete Health Business model using the GABEWORKS platform.   Show Less

The Dream Program

The Dream Program: Team development program that unleashes personal dreams and fulfills on them with bonus program when performing well professionally. Team retention is increased, practice results are improved and positive team morale is created.   Show Less

CEO Track/Management 2.0

CEO Track/Management 2.0: These live, monthly virtual classes are designed for advanced Doctors/Team Leaders in your office. Each class will provide educationals to strengthen leadership skills & to help you step into the leader you are meant to be!   Show Less

Virtual Immersion Days

Virtual Immersion Days: These all-day online events are led by an expert NextLevel Coach and will provide you and your team with advanced lessons and training. These immersion days are virtual, LIVE and easily accessible from the comfort of your home or office. 4 CE provided.   Show Less

Million Dollar Hygiene,
Million Dollar Implant,
Million Dollar Airway Courses

Million Dollar Hygiene, Million Dollar Implant, Million Dollar Airway Courses: These in-person events will deepen your understanding of how to improve case acceptance within your practice. These half-day events are for dentists only that are looking to provide optimal dental care. Specific Team Members are invited. 4 CE provided.   Show Less

Complete Health Practice Course

Complete Health Practice Course: Join us at this two-day live event created for Doctors, Spouses and Team Leaders to improve their leadership skills and enroll the team in the Complete Health Model. 10 CE provided.   Show Less

Community Summit Course

Community Summit Course: Twice a year, two-day live event for the entire community to attend with entire team to immerse into the methodology and collaborate with like-minded thinkers. 10 CE provided.   Show Less

Future of Healthcare Course

Future of Healthcare Course: A three-day LIVE course for pioneers in the healthcare industry to attend with their spouse in a vacation destination. Post event, we will meet quarterly to expand upon the work and conversations discovered at the live event.   Show Less

On-Demand Coach Accountability

On-Demand Coach Accountability: Hand-holding and on-call live support.   Show Less

Doctor/Leadership Coaching

Doctor/Leadership Coaching: These one-on-one coaching sessions will take you on a deep dive that only private coaching can provide.   Show Less

1 Session/Quarter 1 Session/Month Customized
Team Leader/Management Coaching

Team Leader/Management Coaching: In Team Leader Coaching Sessions, a NextLevel Coach will train the designated Team Lead in the practice to be a powerful source of support for the Dr/CEO and an advocate to the team for delivering Complete Health.   Show Less

1 Session/Quarter 1 Session/Month Customized
Team Coaching

Team Coaching: Team coaching sessions for implementing Complete Health and overcoming barriers.   Show Less

1 Session/Quarter 1 Session/Month Customized

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