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[ Rebecca Barnes, DMD ]

Rebecca Barnes, DMD

3807 Brecksville Road

Richfield, OH 44286


Dr. Rebecca Barnes, Year 3

Dr. Barnes started her partnership with NextLevel Practice looking to grow and adopt the Complete Health model. Some of the biggest challenges she faced were: she didn’t feel the practice was running efficiently, had more stress than she wanted and didn’t have the systems/structures in place. With the partnership with NextLevel, Dr. Barnes was able to fulfill her dream of creating a patient experience that focused not only on top-notch dental care but an amazing experience for each of her patients.

Dr. Barnes and her team created the necessary framework and systems that have empowered them to grow their commitment to their patient’s health and wellness. Since she began working with NextLevel Practice, Dr. Barnes saw a growth of over 34% in her first two years. In addition to her professional goals, one of Dr. Barnes’s personal goals was to run a marathon and she has now run in two!

The biggest breakthrough for her practice has been to be clear in educating our patients on the health ramifications of their oral health on their entire body.  We discuss problems, consequences, and solutions with each of our patients.  This allows them to make informed decisions about their overall wellbeing. 

Dr. Barnes and her team will never waiver in our commitment to learning so we can always better educate and care for our patients.

Isn’t it time you took your practice to the NextLevel?