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Dentistry for Millennials Pathway to Ownership Podcast

Learn. Empower. Grow.

Dentistry For Millennials Podcast is dedicated to helping Millennials and Generation X expand their learning and get empowered so they can grow the practice of their dreams. Now you can add Dentistry For Millennials: The Pathway to Practice Ownership to your playlist options and join us as we offer behind-the-scenes nuts and bolts and strategies that will help you acquire a practice or maximize the one you already have so you can pay it off within one year.

Your Hosts

Gary Kadi and Bob Affleck are excited to collaborate together on The Pathway to Practice Ownership Podcast and share their 50+ years of collective experience, expertise, and wisdom.

Get ready to be educated and entertained by this dynamic duo!

Gary Kadi is the visionary voice of NextLevel as a featured Educator and Advocate for Dentistry, Dentists, and Dental Teams. For the past 20 years, Gary has served the whole of the dental community around the world, from patients and practitioners to support staff, researchers, and representatives.

As a speaker, author, and researcher, Gary interrupts the status quo, shares discoveries and interests, and re-energizes audiences far beyond helping dentists implement systems and raise profit margins. He is inspired every day by the courage and personal successes of dentists and team members with whom he has the privilege of working and getting to know.

Bob Affleck has dedicated the past 30 years helping thousands of dentists; realize their dream of practice ownership, practice growth and leaving their legacy. His career has taken him from a practice finance specialist, practice management consultant and even a practice broker.

Experiencing the dental industry from all angles; has given Bob the expertise to help his clients from the beginning of their career to the end and everything in between.  Building relationships with my clients has been his greatest reward.

Throughout the years; Bob has created hundreds of educational business-related programs for dental societies such as the popular Dental MBA Business Series; along with his popular course created for dental schools called “Pathway to practice ownership.” Bob has also become a sought after speaker for Dental Societies, Study Clubs and Dental Schools.

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Season 1: Episode 2

In this episode Bob & Gary discuss the next steps to take in practice ownership. Dr. Escudero will share his path to ownership and how he got the confidence to purchase after years of uncertainty.

Season 1: Episode 3

Overcome unforeseen circumstances, from the what ifs to the OMGs of buying a practice.

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