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Million Dollar Dentistry Masterclass Series

Episode 1:
A Day in the Life of Larry Laserguy, D.D.S.

Episode 3:
CPR: Cash in Your Pocket Right Now

Episode 5:
Why Your Team Hates You

Episode 7:
Turn Your Payroll into a Profit Center

Episode 9:
Getting Off the new Patient Treadmill

Bonus #1: Episode 1:
Find the Money, Get the Money, Keep the Money

Episode 2:
The Life You’re Entitled to Lead

Episode 4:
What You Really Should be Doing with Your Dental Hygienist

Episode 6:
There’s a Fortune in Your Storage Closet

Episode 8:
When Your Patients Try Your Patience

Episode 10:
Attaining the Next Level in Your Practice

Bonus #2: Episode 2:
The 3 Places Money is Hiding in Your Practice