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The Launch Program


The NextLevel Practice Launch Program is a custom, one-month coaching program designed specifically for dentists, spouses and/or practice managers. In three, one-hour sessions you will clearly identify:
Your current practice capacity and where you are starting from
Exactly what you want to accomplish
How you are going to get there

This step-by-step program will result in a well defined written plan of how to launch your practice to the next level and get from A to B quickly - all while inspiring and engaging your team, providing outstanding patient care, increasing production, optimizing profitability, and racking up five star Yelp and Google reviews. You're doing Good now. Launch will take you to Great.

The decision to bring in an outside advisor can be very challenging. First, it is an act of courage and strength to raise your hand and ask for help. Then, how do you know if the advisor can truly help you while making sure the program is an investment not a cost? In the first session, you and your coach will specifically define what you want to accomplish. Some doctors want to increase their salary. Some want more time with family. Some want to build a practice up so it can be sold for top dollar. Others want to buy a second practice, or third, or fifth. Some want to hire a rock star associate. Whatever your goals, in the first session they will be clearly defined. For many, this is one of the biggest takeaways and stress reducers. In the second session, we will take an x-ray of your practice and create a clear picture of your current capacity, your culture, your patients, and your areas of opportunity. We will provide you with a snapshot of your key performance indicators, educate you on national benchmarks, and bring your awareness to things you know, may have forgotten, and most importantly, to areas that you didn't know that you didn't know. These blind spots open doctor-owners to new approaches and possibilities in achieving desired outcomes. In the third session, we will develop the plan on how to take your practice from where it is, to where you want it to be. We'll include practical, clear, actionable steps to achieve your goals in all areas of your business - patient care, team performance, and profitability - simultaneously. If you're not happy with the process or results, you can cancel at anytime for a full refund. The risk is where it should be, on us, because we are the experts and you are coming to us to move you forward.

Happy and healthy patients, a happy and productive team, and healthy business metrics. The NextLevel Launch Program - guaranteed.

LAUNCH NOW - $2,995

NextLevel Practice Launch Program

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