What Is Your Money Mindset and Is It Keeping You And Your Dental Practice Stuck?

10/8/19 11:59 AM
Angel Carothers
Dental Financing

Running a successful dental practice requires heart, hard work, hustle and mindsets that keep you inspired, motivated and determined when the going gets tough.

Adopting a healthy money mindset is imperative when you want to expand your dental practice, up-level your business, and grow into your wealth.  

Money is a triggering word for many. Every day people take action after action desperately wanting to grow their practice yet no matter the effort they can’t seem to reach the level of success they desire. 

Why might this be?

Often times, they are walking around with money blocks and limited money mindsets and aren’t even aware of it!

You may want to grow your dental practice but until you actually believe it’s possible (and that you deserve it), you will most likely stay stuck in the phase of business where your money mindset is most comfortable.

What you believe about money determines the goals you set, the decisions you make, and the actions you take. Understanding your money mindset, identifying your money blocks and learning how to adopt an empowered money mindset is crucial when it comes to up-leveling your business and life. 

How can I identify my money mindset?  

How can I identify my limiting beliefs around money?

We thought you’d never ask! 🙂

Below are some questions to help you identify your current money mindset, your future money mindset (that supports your goals) and any limiting beliefs that might be standing in the way. 

Part #1

What is your money story? 

Think back on your past and identify the beliefs, habits, and patterns you had around how you handled cash flow (specifically around money coming in and money coming out). Reflect back to how your family handled money and what money beliefs you might have picked up from your childhood. Begin to connect the dots to discover what your current money story might be.

Money Story Example: My money story is that I am very good at working to earn a paycheck to paycheck but I believe that in order to make more money I have to work harder and I’m already tired as it is. 

Part #2

  • What do you believe about earning money? 
  • Do you think earning money comes easily or something you have to work very hard for?
Part #3
  • How do you feel about saving money?
  • How do you feel about spending money?
  • How do you feel about debt?
Part #4
  • How open are you to receiving money?
  • Does receiving money come to you with ease or difficulty?
  • Is there a limit to how much money you are open to receiving?
  • What beliefs do you have about earning too much?
Part #5
  • What do you want your future money story to be?
  • What might you need to believe in order for that story to be true?

Ex: I can work just as many hours as I am working now and make a lot more money. Money comes to me with ease and I don’t have to work harder to earn more. The more money I make the greater an impact I can make in the world. My money comes to me with ease so that I can give it back to the community in a way that makes me proud and helps those around me.

Once you have completed each part of the above exercise, review your responses to see if there is more to unpack and explore. 

Next, bring your awareness to your future money story and identify the beliefs that you need to acquire to adopt this new money story fully. 

Then, write your new money story down and put it somewhere that you can see often to stay focused and motivated.  

Remember that this new money story will be one that you will need to practice and return to several times a day at first. As you continue to practice and lead from these new empowering beliefs around money, you will start to shift your behaviors, actions, and choices that will ultimately put you on the abundant path.