mouth diseases can make a dentist obnoxious

Obnoxious Dentists And How They Got That Way

06/16/21 6:10 PM
Gary Kadi
Dental Advice, Dental Practice Management, Dental Team, Team Building

Once a dentist learns the mouth-body connection for complete health, you usually can’t shut her up about it. The same goes for recently educated patients. How did these people become so obnoxious on the subject? The fact is, their conversion is based on a crucial, life-saving truth that their friends and family must know. Here’s why.


Dying for knowledge?

A bright shiny smile isn’t the only thing your patients should be after when they walk into your practice. We all try to deliver that, too, but as many dental professionals know by now, the bacteria that lives in your mouth can be a leading cause of heart disease, high blood pressure and stroke. In fact, the Academy of General Dentistry reported: More than 90 percent of systemic diseases have oral symptoms such as lesions, redness and swelling. Diagnosing the mouth with the rest of the body in mind can literally change lives.You know this and I know this but how can we educate patients about this crucial step in protecting their overall health?


Can most cavities or a simple diagnosis of periodontal disease carry a death sentence? Probably not in most cases. But once patients learn that dental issues can cause permanent or deadly health risks, they can take charge of their own health.


How we educate and empower

At NextLevel Practice, we take a complete practice view when we work with you on instituting and sustaining the Complete Health Program. Everyone from the lead receptionist to the hygienist to assistants and doctors should be able to talk to patients comfortably about the link between dental issues and systemic issues.


We help your team understand how to help patients make that leap of faith to becoming a dedicated advocate for their own oral health. Changing the mindset of the “one-and-done” annual cleaning and exam will also expand your role and help you retain more patients for more revenue. Plus, you got into this industry to make a difference and help people. The Complete Health message does exactly that.


The Complete Health Program

Taking the initiative to change your practice from a mouth-only mindset might feel impossible. You feel you’re running as fast as you can already. Fortunately, between team training, patient education and technology, we’ve got you covered. A step-by-step, day by day plan is within your reach.


We deliver a turnkey approach. You will slowly but methodically learn how to integrate Complete Health messaging into everything you are doing already. Our training platform is self-paced so everyone on your team has access to the best and latest clinical information on the subject. And because we have heard from so many of you that running a compassionate practice that comes from the heart has always been your number one goal, we coach you about how to make all of your patient interactions heartfelt as well as impactful while discussing difficult subjects.


Disasters averted

Human beings learn through storytelling. We hear story after story of health disasters averted. For example, a man whose super high-tech X-ray uncovered a tiny tumor that meant oral cancer.  An educated hygienist and her long-term patient whose inflamed gums meant she had 2-3 times higher likelihood of having a heart attack.


The latest research from Harvard shows that a simple chronic inflammation annoyance, like bleeding gums when flossing, can be a sign of risk for a serious cardiovascular event. A study from the National Institutes on Aging even showed links between the bacteria that causes periodontal disease and related dementias, including Alzheimer’s disease.


360-degree care

Armed with this information for your patients, you can help them improve their quality of life and overall health. They will look at you as a trusted healthcare provider and wonder why they would ever skip a check-up again.


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