Next Level Practice new CEO Kelly Dahmer

Meet Our New CEO – Kelly Dahmer

12/20/22 8:00 AM
Ryan Palevsky
Dental Practice Management, News

Did you hear the news? Kelly Dahmer, a longtime leader at NextLevel Practice, is our new CEO! We’re thrilled to head into the future with Kelly at the helm, supported by our founder and Chairman of the Board, Gary Kadi.

Who is CEO Kelly Dahmer?

Chances are, if you’ve been in the NextLevel community for some time, you know Kelly well. But in case you’re just getting to know us, here’s a little introduction to the powerhouse otherwise known as Kelly.

Originally from Michigan, Kelly lives in Colorado and joined the NextLevel team in 2014. In less than a decade, Kelly has gained CEO experience in every aspect of NextLevel’s offerings–from live events and marketing to coaching and working one-on-one with clients, making her uniquely qualified to oversee the entire NextLevel operation.

Here’s a look at some of Kelly’s greatest hits:

Coaching Supervisor

Kelly was responsible for hiring, training, and problem-solving for the coaching team. This included ensuring all aspects of our coaching service ran smoothly every day and addressing any issues that came up.

Sales Manager

Kelly built strong relationships and managed processes across the sales function, including working with marketing and creating strong alliances with partner companies.

Chief Operating Officer

Kelly managed a broad range of responsibilities from day-to-day operations to providing strategic advice. She oversaw daily administrative and operational functions, reported directly to Gary Kadi and was his second in command.

She had a hand in everything, including marketing, financial growth, and sales, ultimately ensuring all aspects of operations ran smoothly, working quickly and efficiently to solve any challenges and issues that we encountered. Working together with Gary, she helped guide NextLevel successfully through the pandemic to 3x the revenue growth, thanks in no small part to her expertise in setting and executing corporate strategy and planning. Her financial acumen and discipline have led the company to obtain double-digit growth year over year.

Leading NextLevel Forward as CEO

From a business perspective, we’ll look to Kelly to provide leadership and direction on operational issues, employee satisfaction, legal compliance, operational efficiencies, and financial management.

But more important than her business acumen, Kelly will guide the way for us to take care of the practice owners in our community. Her passion for and expertise in decentralizing the doctor in the dental practice is essential to helping our community members find the space and time to live their best lives, while also promoting a culture of unity and cooperation in the office.

Kelly has a philosophy based on the importance of building a community of like-minded thinkers.  She will continue to build up and empower the Complete Health Community to use medicine and dentistry to prevent chronic disease. She’ll work diligently to change how the public sees our work and the work of our colleagues in the field of dentistry.

As NextLevel transitions into an ESOP, we’re excited to stand behind Kelly and work with her to build a strong culture of ownership and engagement. We’re excited to be a model for our community of a united team that takes pride in our work together and the difference we make in the lives of our clients.

The future of NextLevel is bright!