5 Effective Ways Dental Professionals Can Serve Their Communities

06/5/19 12:00 PM
Angel Carothers
Dental Financing, Dental Practice Management

At NextLevel we know a lot of dental professionals and we are proud to support dentists in building a Complete Health practice.

A common trait among the dentists that we work with is their desire to be of service and help, not only their patients but their communities as well. Most dental professionals go into dentistry because they truly care about others and have a strong desire to help and that passion for giving back certainly doesn’t end at the doors of their practice.  

Volunteering and serving your community can be extremely rewarding if not one of the most rewarding parts in your career. We’ve seen many practices come together in an effort to support and be of service to their communities. This not only impacts those in your community that are in need but also creates a strong rapport among the team as they come together for a common purpose.

There are lots of ways you and your practice can support your community through dentistry or other types of service. Below are 5 of our favorite ways we see dentists serving their communities!

  1. Donate Your Dental Services.  There are many people in your community that can’t afford dental care…and you can help! Whether this is every quarter, annually or a one-time event…put it on the calendar and make it a priority.  You can offer care at cost or donate your services 100%.
  2. Habitat For Humanity. Helping build homes for the homeless is a powerful act of service that creates a big impact in the community but the benefits don’t stop there. Habitat for Humanity is a great activity to cultivate team building and strengthen communication across all departments in your practice. Not only that, get outdoors and building something is fun and rewarding!
  3. Collection Drives. This is a way to give back to your community in a way that your patients can participate in as well. Choose a collection drive you are wanting to donate to and communicate the details and goals to your team and patients. You can make it a bit more engaging by giving away prizes to those patients and team members that donate the most. When it is time to deliver the donations, make it a fun and engaging day for the practice both in the practice and on social media!
  4. Dental Hygiene Packs for The Homeless.  Taking good care of your teeth can often be something the homeless can’t afford. Creating dental hygiene packs filled with toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss, and mouth wash (and then sharing them with the homeless shelters in your community) is no small thing! Don’t forget to share these packs with your team so they can keep them in your cars and share with the homeless around their communities as well.
  5. Free Community Dental Classes.  Dental hygiene is something people don’t know a lot about..but you, as a dental professional, do!  We know this, you know this!  Getting out there and educating the underserved about oral health will empower them to make smart oral health choices which will greatly impact their overall wellness. Enroll team members to help facilitate, teach and support these classes to provide consistent community care!

These are just 5 powerful ways to serve your community as a dental professional and to create a positive impact within your team and practice at the same time.

Our team at NextLevel would love to help you in your community outreach and dental service efforts. We can help you create effective marketing materials with New Patient Engine.  Learn more today!