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3 Technology Upgrades That Won’t Drive You Crazy…But Will Drive Profits & Engagement

05/10/21 7:43 PM
Ryan Palevsky
Dental Advice, Dental Practice Management, Dental Team

When you think of getting new technology for your practice, does it make you wince? Do you foresee weeks of unhappy team members feeling overwhelmed, frantically scanning their own illegible notes next to the keyboard rather than smiling at patients? Do you feel automatically frustrated, thinking of other tech changes you’ve made that came complete with frozen screens and non-optional aggravation? Don’t worry. NextLevel Practice has got you covered.


  1. Analytics to Drive Actionable Change

The Gabeworks Dashboard technology from CEO Gary Kadi and NextLevel Practice will provide practice analytics, learning solutions, and training for your entire team.


First, there’s analytics. The analytics dashboard is super easy to use and will change the way you run your practice. Getting out of the operational slog of running a day-to-day practice allows everyone in the office to do what they love—help people and create healthier choices for patients.

  • Tracking practice metrics will let you know what’s working and what’s not. You won’t have to wonder about the next right thing to do.
  • You can stop living to work and start working to live because the Next Level dashboard spells out the who, what, when, and why of your next move, based on your actual practice goals and fully addressable thanks to NextLevel’s years of experience.
  • “Using this dashboard, you can work smarter and not harder to achieve monthly, quarterly and annual goals that really impact the bottom line,” Kadi said.


  1. Training for a Happy Team

Did you go to dental school to become a professional development expert for dental practices? Probably not, although we know some dentists truly enjoy creating a happy, well run environment for their staff—and we’ve seen how transforming a team with the right training can translate into better workflows that delight patients, as well.

  • It all begins with dental practice automation. Your team will be trained until they’re entirely comfortable with the Gabeworks technology system.
  • You can gain at least a 67% case acceptance rate with an automated system that educates your team and your patients about their treatment options and builds rapport. Once trust is established your retention numbers will be positively affected, too.
  • About the dashboard’s coaching and teaching upgrades from Next Level, a Minnesota dental group leader said: “NextLevel has given us the tools to communicate better with each other and our patients. The coaching provided the team is outstanding and has helped us to implement the triple win philosophy for our practice – the team wins, the patients win and the practice wins!”


  1. Automated Rewards for Your Team

With Gabeworks, you can institute an automated bonus system to allow team members to feel deeply engaged with the practice’s goals.

  • Nothing tells your team how much you value the changes you and they would like to see than offering a program like this: They will see that their mindset can be, “when I win, we all win.”
  • They will be able to build rapport with both their coworkers and the boss and feel equally valued when they are given the right kind of rewards for continual improvement.
  • You can feel good about your performance management progress and that you are doing everything you can to reward high achievers, so they don’t leave for another dental office.
  • The latest numbers on dental office “churn” are disturbing—if you’re retaining 80% of your team year over year, that’s a lot in this climate. Team turnover is costly and impacts morale and patient confidence.

With the triple technology threat of analytics, coaching, and employee rewards finally automated, you can focus on what you want to do each day—help patients—and achieve better work-life balance and enhanced peace of mind about your practice. Call for a free, no-obligation consult with a demo today. 212-388-1712