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Want to see how your practice is

running at a glance?

and see how key inputs impact your most important outputs, especially cash flow?

Practice Efficiency Wizard
We’ve created a Practice Efficiency Wizard you can customize for your practice in minutes. This wizard is a spreadsheet interface that leads you through a sequence of well-defined steps —boxes where you’ll input just a few numbers— then it automatically calculates complex practice management metrics for you.

This is similar to executive-level performance dashboards consultants routinely sell to dental practices. Except rather than pulling numbers automatically, this Wizard allows you to “play” with the numbers to see which inputs make the biggest difference to your financial performance. It’s more predictive than an actual (and typically very expensive) dashboard.

And in case you were wondering, yes this wizard/dashboard is a stand-alone downloadable document. When you download it, input your numbers and save your results, it is your private document. There are no strings attached. We won’t even call you about it unless you contact us first.

[Spoiler Alert]

If you want to figure it out on your own, don’t read what’s below, just download the spreadsheet and article from here and stop reading, because we’re going to give away the secret.

When you run the numbers, here’s what you’re going to find:

  • cancel Adding new patients to the mix doesn’t impact either revenues or cash flow nearly as much as you’d expect.
  • cancel Adding more chairs might raise your theoretical earnings, but won’t really improve cash flow and profits without tweaking other more important inputs.
  • check_circle The inputs that really count are:
    • donetreatment acceptance rate (which impacts price of average treatment)
    • donetime-spent-per-patient
    • doneand scheduling efficiency.

Now, certainly you know these factors are important.
But we wonder if you know HOW important they are?

So why don’t most dentists focus on these things?

If you’re like most of our clients, it’s because many dentists don’t know HOW to change those input numbers. At least not without negatively impacting patient experience. And that’s not acceptable -- nor should it be.

We know how to change those inputs while improving patient experience. In fact, after you download the spreadsheet, we’ll give you a free copy of Million Dollar Dentistry - the book written for dentists by Gary Kadi, where we explain exactly how to do it.

But before you get into the how, we think you should be 100% certain of the why.

We want you to clearly picture what changing those inputs would do to your practice —specifically what it would do to your revenue.

And, also what it would feel like to have patients fully accept your recommendations, to know that every patient is either enjoying or working towards a 100% healthy mouth. And that they value your service enough to pre-pay for every treatment.

So even if you read the Spoiler Alert, please download your free Practice Efficiency Wizard dashboard. Please run the numbers for yourself. We have also included in the download an accompanying article you will need to read first.

Then make sure you get your copy of Million Dollar Dentistry

(we’ll send you a link just after the download).

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