Why Automating Your Dental Practice Is A Gamechanger

07/17/19 1:00 AM
Angel Carothers
Dental Practice Management

Due to increased corporate competition, dental practice owners must work harder than ever to preserve the viability of their private practice.

Adopting automation into your dental practice is critical towards getting out of the day-to-day operational trenches and into the sweet spot that has you doing more of what you love…helping patients!

At NextLevel, we have observed a massive need for dentists to have a low-cost way to run a practice.

This inspired us to create Gabeworks, our revolutionary digital learning platform for dental teams that combines the latest technology in metrics tracking and video training to empower your team, practice, and patients.

We believe it’s time for dentists to stop living to work and start working to live.

Too many dentists are overwhelmed, burnt out and doubting their career paths altogether. There is another way forward for dentists that is not only profitable but helps you better serve your team and your patients.

It begins with dental practice automation.

With Gabeworks help, you can get off the operational hamster wheel and reclaim your time both in your practice and your life. This means that you can finally enjoy that family vacation you’ve been dreaming about for years because you know and trust that Gabeworks is working for you while you’re away.

In this blog, we share with you the game-changing effects that Gabeworks can have on your practice and why automation should be a non-negotiable for dentists in this day and age.

Increased Case Acceptance

An automated system that communicates clearly, compassionately and consistently to your patients is a crucial component of building rapport between patient and team. If a patient doesn’t trust you or your team, they won’t accept treatment from you. At Gabeworks, we aim for dentists to get case acceptance of 67% and we achieve that through our online training system that empowers and educates your team and patients with the most up-to-date tools and strategies.

Patient Retention

When you and your team are building rapport and patients are accepting treatment, patient retention increases will follow. The wonderful thing that happens is that patient retention will come organically when you and your team simply nurture and provide great oral systematic care for your patients. Gabeworks will take out the busywork of your day so you can make a bigger impact on the health of your patients.

Clear Analytics

Automation gives your practice the analytics it needs to work smarter not harder while providing clear measurables so that you can monitor the success of your practice.

With these analytics, you can clearly identify how you and your team are pacing towards your monthly, quarterly and annual goals and quickly implement new strategies and resources that might be necessary to stay on track.

Engaged Team Members

Analytics also informs the team of what daily actions and goals they need to deliver on in order to hit the collective goals of the dental practice.

Gabeworks supports an automated bonus system to ensure that all team members are playing the same game and are equally in the game together. This cultivates a deep sense of purpose individually and collectively as a team.

In this game, dentists and team members have an equal stake in the game, equal value and equal impact. This shifts the practice mindset from a mind-centered practice to heart-centered one that ultimately affects the patient experience and continues to cultivate that rapport we talked about earlier.

Perfected Patient Experience

Patients can tell the difference between practices that are just looking to earn an extra buck and dental practices that are genuinely there to serve the health of their patients.

When Gabeworks takes a lot of the busy work away from the practice, the team can do more of what it loves.  This improves the quality of their care and patients receive better and more personalized treatment. When patients receive better care, they trust their dentists and hygienists more and become much more willing to accept treatment recommendations.

In this organic and cyclical relationship, everyone wins!

Enhancing Work-Life Balance

To put it simply, automation does the day-to-day operations for you so that you can practice dentistry and enjoy your personal life more. It does the same for your team.

This leaves everyone feeling more purpose-driven, inspired, energized and motivated; the secret recipe for a thriving practice.

Remember it is not about working harder, it’s about working smarter. Automating what you hate and doing more of what you and your team love is how everyone stays motivated to be their best.

Automation will not only improve the quality of your dentistry and your personal life but it will keep you accountable to the growth of your practice.

Take our word for it, not adopting automation in your practice will have huge implications on your practice and not the ones you’re aiming for!

Automation is the necessary path to uplevel your practice and thrive. More time, freedom and profitability are waiting for you and your practice on the other side!!

NextLevel Practice is proudly powered by Gabeworks. Click here to get in touch with us to learn more about how you can automate your practice with the Gabeworks Platform that is already helping countless dental practices thrive.